Taipei Food Adventures | SmallWorldTrio Vlog

So much food!!! Follow the Small World Trio for 3 days in Taipei, Taiwan as we set off on a journey looking for new, delicious, must-try dishes.

한국어 자막 추가했습니다! Korean subtitles now available.

코로나 때문에 집에만 있는게 지루해서 12월에 친구들이랑 대만 타이베이 갔었던 여행 브이로그 편집해봤어요!!!
저랑 친구들 특유의 섞인 영어+한국어 말투 때문에 자막까지 추가했어요;; 자막 키고 봐주세용 히히


1) Kiki Restaurant (Eslite Xinyi)
2) 108 Matcha Saro (Eslite Xinyi)
3) 瑪拉桑 (Linjiang/Tonghua Night Market)
4) 石家割包 (Linjiang Night Market)
5) 大傻小傻乾麵 (Linjiang Night Market)
6) Xing Fu Tang (Linjiang Night Market)
7) 滷肉飯 vendor (Linjiang Night Market)
8) 上海生煎包 (Linjiang Night Market)
9) Wenting Hotpot (Ximending)
10) 囍氣C7 (Ximending)
11) Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle (Ximending)
12) Shilin Night Market Food Court
13) Hot Star Large Fried Chicken (Shilin Night Market)
14) 牛舌餅 vendor (Shilin Night Market)
15) 小籠包 vendor (Shilin Night Market)
16) Chia Te Bakery (Songshan District)
17) Ice Monster (Breeze Song Gao Xinyi)


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