50 thoughts on “Shelter (Full Movie) Drama l Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Mackie

  1. There go I but for the grace of God. There go we all but for the grace of God. I have been in love with Jennifer Connolly from the very first film I saw her . Connolly deserves an academy award for this film.

  2. This movie is so raw, so heartbreaking and must admit made me drop tear here and there. I wish this world was better place and human beings don't have to go through all these not supposed not meant for humans things and we really need a better world with more equality , more love, more compassion or honestly what's ahead of us in the future, what's ahead our kids , what's is gonna look and be for our grandkids, we all need to find a love in our hearts and something project it to those fellow brothers and sisters in need of very and most basics , we need to pray for the world and try to manifest our love and prayers and support but with enough love in our atmosphere we might simply create better and more positive place for everyone, that's the starter untill every single one of us also start doing things for others , share for example if you just do that you doing great…..this must stop , now , love you all people love you beautiful mother Earth… Love for all and everything existing without love and care we will perish sooner then we think

  3. There actually are two types of people in the world. Those who seek to have power over others, and those who just wish to live their lives in peace. These two types are clearly evident in the opening scene here. One respects the other, but that respect is not returned. So witch type are you?
    I'm not saying all police officers are bad people. I have actually met one officer who was just a good man doing a good job, and we all love him for it. But that is just one out of many dozens. But this man understood that his job was to protect and serve, not control and dominate. Most police officers unfortunately are power seekers. Just like most politicians, and all racists, and all religious fanatics are power seekers. Do you wish to control others too?

    To seek control over others is the evil inherent in those who cling to their unfounded biases.

  4. The story Tugs real hard on the heart , the acting is realism. I think a person could live in a nice house and still be homeless, or a person can be houseless and find a home in someones heart.

  5. a beautiful look at true love. raw and honestly portrayed. bravo. i was on the streets last winter in january. its no place out in the cold and snow for anyone. shame on our country for having so much wasted wealth. bravo to all the survivors. great movie. where are the grammys for these actors and directors.

  6. Great movie!! Saw it when it 1st came out. Definitely worth watching again. The plight of the homeless is tragic, not just in New York, but it's spreading to every town in the great U S of A. Never before saw homeless ppl in my town until about 5 yrs ago, but it has exploded here now as well. Mental illness has more to do with it than most ppl realize!!

  7. Iv been down pretty far a few times in this life. I was homeless for a time but refused to believe I’d be there for long. This movie captured a lot. I help people when I can. Even if I just give them a listen or a shoulder to lean on. Happy new year.

  8. The system is beyond frustrating. Any person who happens to need a shelter, should also get, along with their bed for the night, a permanent advocate who they can call whatever time 24/7, who can help them in the future with emergency needs.

    Of course, the world doesn't work this way…sadly…so, sadly…
    In the case of this street smart girl, she should simply shop lift, be ignorant to the cop, and find herself inside a cell on a cold night. Life of the homeless really is this harsh, and really does need street-smarts.

  9. the last images of on the train felt to me somehow analogous to 'her' life . The train window with its ice layer obscured vision of that being left behind and that coming ahead but still allowed recognition of transit. the cracks in the sheet of ice could have one think the glass, like 'her' life, was fractured. Yet as 'she' touched the pane it was still intact and demonstrated by the condensation caused so was her life force forward still in tact.

  10. Jennifers son Kai was assistant to her son with David Dugan and his half brother Stellan Bettany who played Jake, her son in the movie, and is in real life.

  11. Wisconsin checking in tonight,I'm a confessed sinner, bipolar, father committed suicide, now I'm in heart failure, Govt rejected my 2 Drs decision for social security, divorced and almost hopeless, but will always believe Jesus Christ died for me.

  12. It’s sad when you have to lower yourself to get money, but that’s life. If you can make it there you can make it anywhere. But you couldn’t pay me to live there. The city of sadness.

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