24 thoughts on “Bad Boys for Life Movie Review – SEN LIVE #47

  1. Jan 16 Time Stamps

    Kristians Moms show notes-2:00

    New York Live Show Announcement-5:30

    Bad Boys For Life review-8:20

    Know what movie you’re seeing-15:30

    Jar Jar in Obi Wan-18:30

    Next Star Wars Story we wanna see?-22:00

    Palpatine prank calls-25:00

    Crisis on Infinite Earths review-26:00

    Hottest cartoon character-35:30

    The Outsider on HBO-41:30

    Schmoedown Updates-46:00

    Jay and Winston are old married men-49:50

    Shannon is the biggest heel-53:30

    Championship Sunday-59:00

    Cold is not LA cold-1:01:30

    Who’s year is it?-1:05:00

    Was Oyama snubbed?-1:10:30

    Betting on fights?-1:16:00

    Who’s gonna be in mandalorian-1:19:00

    Guns Akimbo trailer-1:22:00

    Ben going over?-1:27:00

    Replacing some Oscar snubs-1:30:00

    Kristians 2 year old is crazy-1:34:40

    What network should the schmoedown be on-1:36:30

    Jay is the worst-1:41:30

    Scar Jo 2 nominations-1:45:30

    Sports news-1:46:30

    Big bets on Rookies?-1:52:30

    RIP Rocky Johnson-1:55:00

    Most likely to lose the belt?-2:00:00

  2. Jay just hears the N word all the time. Winston doesnt even talk like that lmao. Man I love Winston, Jay just comes off as super obnoxious to me. He just brings the anger out himself.

  3. Jay says a lot of stupid shit and needs to learn to look up shit before he talks. On the Oscar topic for example, he was dead wrong on the number of nominations per category. ONLY and I repeat ONLY Best Picture can have up to 10 nominations in the current format.

    This other comment of others need to drop out is dumb as fuck. If none of these nominations deserved it then there is a snub but there was barely anything that could be called a snub as almost every nomination that did get it was worthy. We shouldn’t be nominating someone of colour or sex just cause that is dumb as fuck and why Hollywood is so bad, this year however I was impressed by the reviews. Little Women was decent but its a straight remake, I guarantee if A star is born came out this year it misses for the same reason. 2019 was just a really good year for film so stop saying these dumbass comments about the Oscars so white.

    Literally my personal snubs were Lupita no nomination, Silvestri was definitely highway robbery but otherwise everything was pretty spot on imo.

    And this is coming from a rational Canadian Indian man who doesnt think a brown person should be nominated just cause.

  4. I’ve gotta disagree with you guys on the Oscars. Imo best picture should be brought back down to 5 even tho I get why you can have up to 10 but everything else should be 5. Getting nominated for an Oscar is an achievement and diluting it by adding more nominations just so people won’t get upset isn’t the way it should be done. 2019 was one of the best years for movies in my adult life (I’m only 21) and there are gonna be snubs that’s why getting nominated is such an achievement

  5. Hard week hard start to 2020 . I would have not gotten through anything if it wasn’t for the schmoedown community. Thankyou for keeping me sane and providing my with entertainment and laughter . Roll on season 7 Thankyou kristian and the SEN !!!!!! Much love from the UK

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