Hilarious prank ideas and challenges that your friends will love

While vacuuming your house, you can attach a piece of rope to your vacuum cleaner and have it on you like a backpack. This will make your cleaning routine easier.
I show you some fun challenges to try with your friends. For example, I have the makeup challenge, where you ask somebody that has no idea how to do makeup, to do your makeup. They’ll probably confuse your foundation with a brow powder, but the result will be hilarious. – To make it more difficult, you can ask them to do your makeup with their less dominant hand.
You can try the nail polish challenge too, where you add as many layers of nail polish on your hands until you reach 100.
Or you can do the t-shirt challenge, where you try to wear 100 layers of shirts and break the record. But you must keep in mind that the more t-shirts you add, the bigger the size you must get.
I give you some ideas to prank your friends. For example, try the what’s in the box challenge, where your friends need to put their hands in the box and guess what they are touching.

0:46 – The egg roulette challenge
2:04 – The t-shirt challenge
3:02 – Not my hands challenge
6:09 – How to prank your friends who wear glasses
7:40 – Amazing lifehacks for girls
9:17 – DIY stand for your tablet


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