50 thoughts on “Above the Law Is A Legit Historical Martial Arts Movie | Joe Rogan

  1. Eyyy Joe Rogan …U Laughing much against Martial Arts Masters….why u don't Visit this Sifus Eye on Eye and Show Your YouTube People what is Useful Combat System or Not….Come Go To Sensei Seagal with 67 Years Old and Show Us how it Realy Worked against a Big Bluff like Seagal …come On You MMA Specialist….

  2. Steven Seagal is the reason for the modern fight scenes, in my opinion. Long before Jason Bourne & Taken Franchises, Steven Seagal with his Aikido was quick to the point on taking the opponent out on camera. He also changed the view on martial arts, cause before him all we knew was the Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, & Van Damme style on screen.

  3. I wish Joe would clarify that some of these martial arts he rags on only aren't effective in isolation in an MMA match vs the best of the best trained fighters. If you've been a life long practitioner of something like Taekwondo, karate, Hapkido, Kung Fu, Judo or traditional western boxing etc… you'd absolutely have the upper hand in a fight against some douche bag (aka someone totally untrained in how to fight) trying to rough you up at a gas station for your wallet.

  4. whats the one where they go ..dont pick on oil workers mister ..then beats the shit out of them …and the end is all the real water powered and air compressed cars weve had forever 1884..it was called On deadly ground ..classic eco movie gold..

  5. “Don’t throw aikido on there” bahahaha. He’s awesome.
    This is an age old argument about how aikido and other martial arts are useless. The fact is if you know aikido vs just some dumb drunk asshole it’s still gonna give you a leg up. Other martial artist will always and forever talk about how their “Kung fu” is better than the next guys, but in all the years of seeing bar fights I’ve never seen one fucking fight where each fighter claimed an art then the fight started. Lol so for all the talk of who’s best how come it never happens? 99% of the time it’s some guy who can’t fight who ends up against one who can.

  6. Diaz is so rude. You can tell he's never listening to Joe, he's just waiting for Joe to finish talking so he can talk about his next point which never has anything to do with what Joe said. Joe was literally in the middle of a story and Diaz just interrupts him about a choke slam

  7. The thing with Seagal, was that the moves he was doing in the movie were different than anything we had seen before.
    Everything was kicks and punches. Back then, VanDamme was a big star, and his style was mostly high jumping and spinning kicks. Seagal was doing weird flips and throws that were different from what we saw from JCVD, or Chuck Norris or even Bruce Lee.

    Yeah, Aikido sucks for real self defense, but some of the moves are at least interesting looking.
    If you really want to fight, a tactical, modified form of MMA along with weapons- edged, impact, flexible, and projectile, is the way to go.

  8. Yeah, and I'm sure Joey Diaz runs like Usain Bolt. 🙄 That fat ass would have a heart attack after 15 feet. And with those tits that are bigger than most strippers.
    And what's with the jiu jitsu shirt? Are we supposed to believe he gets on the mat and rolls? The only rolls he knows are jelly rolls and sweet rolls.

  9. What made those movies good was he was the first guy that was able to do all the stuff he was acting for real. And he was a big talk in shape dude. Made him more believable

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